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Where can I learn more about the new website's features?
Visit our Learning Center for tutorial videos.
Trouble Logging In
In order to access the members only areas of AIRE-Brokers.org, you must be a member of AIRE.  If it’s your first time logging in, please reference the video below for instructions.

Both the Member Services Area and Member Portal have “forgot password” buttons on their login pages.  In both cases, your username will be the email address you used to join AIRE.  If your email address is not found, you may have used a different email address when joining AIRE, or you may not be  a member.

Feel free to use this contact form if you require additional assistance.

Why are there two places to update my profile?
Member Services Profile

Any contact info listed in the Member Services area will serve as the information we use for official membership communications, as well as the information displayed on the public facing member directory on AIRE-BROKERS.org.

Member Portal Profile

Contact information listed in your member portal profile will only be seen by other members on the member portal.  This information does not affect your membership or public facing directory, but does affect what other members see when viewing your profile in the member portal.

Still not finding a solution?

Please email contact@aire-brokers.org or call 630-510-4554