President’s Letter

December 2018

Dear AIRE Colleagues,

I am honored to serve as your AIRE President for 2019. Our industry continues to expand and the
Association will give wing to that growth arc every way possible.

I am in the enviable position of inheriting the stewardship of an organization at the peak of
performance. AIRE enjoys market relevance, robust member participation and dedicated, spirited
leaders who infuse energy and innovation into our services platform. My predecessors, especially 2018
President Brendan Green, deserve our thanks and admiration for their moxie and a job very well done.

I want to specifically mention four recent sea-change events that transformed the Association:

  • First, we greatly improved connectivity among members by introducing the Client / Developer
    member class;
  • Second, we launched the industry’s first formal “Emerging Leaders” rank to welcome new top
    young talent into the business;
  • We migrated our messaging to an all-electronic content marketing format, and;
  • We reimagined the AIRE web and social media platforms to better serve members in the digital and technology age.

Each of these initiatives materially changed how AIRE serves its members. The duty of President is to
build on these prior gains and add new ones so AIRE remains fresh, relevant and forward focused. My
efforts for the next 12 months will be directed in the following areas:

  • Assure that every idea, decision and lift delivers value – great and small – to our members;
  • Challenge our new technology platforms to evolve and deliver on the promises they make;
  • Share the spirit of collaboration AIRE coined years ago by teaming more intentionally with other local associations and trade groups that share our mission for elevating real estate; and
  • Tap into new streams of thought leadership, market intel and referral partners by exporting ourvalues of Cooperation, Education, Ethics and Service to professionals to other markets.

As a servant leader, I will empower your Board of Directors and Administrators to deliver programs,
resources and opportunities so you may become better real estate professionals, colleagues, brokers,
clients and service providers. We are in a rising tide and we all look forward to the lift.

Sincerely yours,

John Coleman
2019 AIRE President
(847) 323.7986