About Us

In Chicago in the mid 50’s, a group of about 50 real estate brokers specialized in the purchase and sale of industrial buildings and land. However, no professional organization existed locally to offer a forum to exchange listings, advertising materials and marketplace “scuttlebutt.” What’s more, they desired to foster a higher standard of business ethics and conduct in the course of their brokerage activities on behalf of their clients, as well as to cooperate regularly with each other. At first they began meeting in informal groups for breakfast or lunch. Then in 1956, they formally created the Association of Industrial Real Estate Brokers (AIRE).

Over the intervening years, AIRE has become a very tight-knit, professional association. The organization’s over 500 active members are the stalwarts of the industrial brokerage professionals throughout the Chicago Metro area, while its associate members are leaders in industrial property development, lending, construction, architecture and many other related specialties. The majority of all industrial purchase and sale transactions in the Chicago area are brokered through active AIRE members. The revamped Standards of Practice and Conduct provide the framework in which AIRE members operate at the highest level of business ethics in the commercial brokerage industry. The advent of technology has raised the bar and allows AIRE to communicate electronically and exchange a wealth of information to better serve all clients, institutions and related service providers. Overall, AIRE offers both the public and its members unparalleled service and value and strives to continually improve these on an ongoing basis.